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Product Features

AR Games

Using this funny location changer, you can easily change your GPS location on your iPhone and go anywhere in the game without actually being there.

Privacy Protection

To keep your GPS location private, you can safeguard your actual whereabouts by altering the location on your phone.

Social Media

If you need to change your location but prefer to stay indoors, GPS JOYSTICK provides a convenient solution for effortlessly altering your location.

Joystick to Simulate GPS Movement More Freely

Real-time virtual GPS control

Real-time virtual gps control One-click to make the GPS spot move automatically. Direct the movement freely in real-time.

Arrow-based direction control

Arrow-based direction control Tweak your directions in an all-around way. Move forward or reverse with the up or down arrows.

GPS movement controlled by keys

Gps movement controlled by keys You can easily control the GPS movement using keys W, A, S, and D, or arrow keys.

Flexible GPS Modes For Customized Routes And Speed

Personalized Jumping Routes

Personalized Jumping Routes

Create customized teleportation routes to quickly reach rare and legendary Pokémon in the game.

Instantaneous Travel:

With a single click, instantly jump to any point on the map to catch elusive Pokémon.

Teleportation Mastery:

Master the art of teleportation in the game and become a legendary Pokémon trainer.

Start And End Point Navigation

Set the starting and ending points on the map and let Goooch GPS JOYSTICK guide you with precision.

Adjustable Speed Control:

Customize your speed and direction of movement to suit your preferences and maximize your gaming experience.

Seamless Navigation:

Smoothly navigate through the game world with the help of Goooch GPS JOYSTICK.
Start And End Point Navigation
Multi-Point Route Planning

Multi-Point Route Planning

Create complex routes with multiple stops to explore new areas and catch a variety of Pokémon.

Variable Speed Simulation:

Simulate different speeds of movement, such as walking, running.

Advanced GPS Navigation:

Get detailed directions and location information as you move along your planned route using Goooch GPS

Start Geo-Blocked Games Whenever And Wherever Possible

Using this funny location changer, you can easily change your GPS location on your iPhone and go anywhere in the game, such as Pokémon Go, without actually being there.
Start Geo-Blocked Games Whenever And Wherever Possible

Enjoy playing Pokemon Go at home! 

With the help of GPS JOYSTICK, you can play Pokemon Go without leaving your house, without worrying about bad weather or transportation issues. Whether it's exploring new Pokémon or participating in battles, immerse yourself in the excitement and fun of the game.
Enjoy playing Pokemon Go at home! 

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Sarah Lee

5-star Feedback from WAcaring users With a GPS joystick, I can make global friends on Tinder by changing my GPS location. It's a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people genuinely interested in getting to know me better.

Ahmed Hassan

5-star Feedback from WAcaring users GPS joystick is incredibly useful to me. I can test game availability and simulate realistic walking on the map without leaving the office.


5-star Feedback from WAcaring users The GPS JOYSTICK is really useful. lt works great with Life360 to fake my real location and provides excellent privacy protection. l use it every day.

Juan Rodriguez

5-star Feedback from WAcaring users As a Pokemon Go player, I highly recommend GPS JOYSTICK.It's the best tool in 2023 to simulate GPS location.


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