The Ultimate Guide to "No Location Found "vs "No Location Available"!

If you often face problems like "Location Not Available" or "Unable to Find Location" while using the "Find My" app on your iPhone to share your location with friends and family, don't worry – you're not alone. Many users have discussed similar concerns on platforms like Quora and Reddit.These issues are usually easy to fix.


In this guide, we'll explore the meanings of "Location Not Available" and "Unable to Find Location," highlight the differences, and provide solutions.




part 1 : What does "No Location Found" Mean?

'No Location Found' indicates that your device is currently unable to get accurate geographical location information. It's trying to retrieve location data but isn't successful.

This could be due to various reasons, such as:

    1. Signal problems:

    Weak or no signal in the area can prevent obtaining location information.


    2. Device malfunctions:  

    Hardware or software issues may impact the device's ability to get location data.


    3. Permission issues:

     If the user disables location permissions for the app or the app lacks sufficient permissions, it can't access location info.


    4. Location service startup issues:

     The device may struggle to find valid location info when trying to start location services.



part 2 : What does "No Location Available" Mean?

'No Location Available' suggests that, at a specific moment, the device can't provide available geographical location information.This may be due to:

    1. Unavailable location services:

    Lack of location services in the environment, like no GPS signals or Wi-Fi networks.


    2. Network problems:

    The device can't connect to the internet, hindering location info retrieval.


    3. Device not connected to satellites:

    In GPS use, the device may struggle to connect to enough satellites due to weather or building obstructions.


    4. Application or system failure:

     App or system errors can prevent the provision of valid location info.


In general, the occurrence of these situations typically depends on the specific environment, hardware status, permission settings, and network connectivity of the device.



part 3:What is the Difference Between "No Location Found"vs "No Location Available"?




part 4 : How to Fix "No Location Found" or "Location Not Available"?

To resolve these issues, follow these steps to ensure your device can retrieve location info successfully:

    1. Check Location Services Settings:

    Enable Location Services in "Settings" -> "Privacy" -> "Location Services."


    2. Verify App Permissions:

    Ensure the app has permission to access location info in the device settings.


    3. Enable Network Connection:

    Connect to Wi-Fi or enable mobile data for location services requiring internet access.


    4. Try Restarting the Device:

    Restarting can fix location services malfunctions.


    5. Check Satellite Connection (if using GPS):

    Ensure a clear view for GPS satellite connections.


    6. Update Apps and System:

    Keep apps and the operating system up-to-date for potential location service fixes.


    7. Reset Location and Privacy Settings:

    Try resetting location settings in "General" -> "Reset" -> "Reset Location & Privacy Settings."


    8. Contact Manufacturer or Service Provider:

     If issues persist, seek support from the device manufacturer or service provider.



part 5 : [Bonus Tips] How to Change Location on iPhone?

In order to better protect personal privacy and freely access geo-restricted content, we want to change the GPS location on our iPhone. Is this demand achievable? The answer is affirmative. By installing and using GPS Joystick, you can easily accomplish this goal.




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By following these steps, you can quickly change the location on your iPhone.

1. Install and Activate GPS Joystick:

Download from GOOOCH GPS Joystick's official site, install, and launch on your computer.


2. Connect Your Device:

Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer using a USB cable. Trust the computer on your device.


3. Load the Map:

After completing the above preparation steps, the map will start loading. Once loaded successfully, you can choose the destination as the virtual GPS location by dragging and zooming the map. Click the 'Move' button to update your location!

After selecting the destination, the sidebar will display relevant information, including place names, coordinates, distances, etc. You can use this information to ensure the accuracy of your chosen destination. Additionally, you can quickly select a destination by entering a place name or coordinates in the search box.




After reading this article, you should understand the differences between "No Location Found" and "Location Not Available" better. If you encounter these issues again, you can quickly identify and solve them. If you wish to change your iPhone location, GPS Joystick is a reliable, non-jailbreaking option, making operations safer and more convenient.




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