[2024] Super Practical GPS Joystick User Guide

Can I change the location on my iOS device?

Can I play Pokémon Go without leaving my home?

How can I set a virtual location on Facebook to protect my privacy?


All of these questions can be easily addressed using GPS joystick.


Furthermore, with the two-point mode and multi-point mode, you can simulate the direction, speed, and mode of transportation, such as walking, cycling, or driving. In these modes, your virtual movements appear incredibly realistic, effectively avoiding warnings from location-based applications.


In this guide, we will explore the proper usage of GPS joystick and maximize its potential. We will discuss device setup and connectivity, as well as address common issues and provide solutions encountered during usage. Additionally, we will share practical scenarios and examples that showcase the functionalities and advantages of GPS joystick.


Based on your computer operating system, you can choose:


Part 1: Take Immediate Action, Enjoy Location Freedom

Step 1: Launch GPS Joystick

Go to the official website of GPS Joystick and download the corresponding version for your computer. Once the installation is complete, double-click to launch GPS Joystick on your computer.


Step 2: Connect Your Device

Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer using a USB data cable. Unlock your device. When prompted on your iPhone to trust this computer, tap the "Trust" button. Additionally, enter the screen password on your iPhone/iPad to complete this process.


Step 3: Load Maps

Once the above two steps are completed, GPS Joystick will start loading maps. After the successful loading of maps, you will be able to locate your current position on the map.



During the first use, the software requires initialization and preloading of data. Therefore, the initial loading may take some time. To ensure a smooth experience, it is recommended to maintain a stable internet connection and close other resource-consuming programs when using it for the first time.


Part 2: One-Click Location Change to Anywhere in the World

Step 1:

You can choose a destination by zooming in or out on the map using the scroll wheel of your mouse. Additionally, you can click on the "+" or "-" symbols in the bottom right corner to zoom in or out on the map. Alternatively, you can enter an address in the top left corner to search for your destination, for example, New York.


Step 2:

Once you have determined the desired location, an information panel will appear. It will display the coordinates and distance. Click on "Move Here" to immediately move to the destination.

Now, all location-based applications on your iPhone or other iOS devices will also be changed to New York.


Part 3: Simulating Realistic Movement using Two-Point Mode

Step 1:

To set up a virtual route for movement between two locations, with options for speed, mode of transportation, and number of movements, you can choose the Two-Point Mode.


Step 2:

Enter an address or coordinates in the search box in the top left corner to select the destination, or click on the map to select the precise destination. Once you have determined the destination, an information panel will appear. It will display the coordinates and distance. Click on "Move Here" to bring up an information panel showing the distance and time required for the movement. Here, you can also choose the number of movements.


Step 3:

Drag the speed slider to customize your movement speed. Once all the settings are in place, click on "March" to start simulating the movement. You can observe the entire movement process on both your computer and iPhone maps.


Part 4: Embark on an Immersive Journey with Multi-Point Mode

Step 1:

To sequentially visit multiple destinations, select the Multi-Point Mode located in the top right corner. In this mode, your movement is incredibly realistic, mimicking the experience of exploring a city.


Step 2:

Plan your multi-point route by selecting different locations on the map or entering addresses/GPS coordinates to set the waypoints.

Once the destinations are set, input the number of round trips in the information panel.


Step 3:

Adjust the speed slider to set the movement pace. Once the settings are configured, click on "March" to commence the simulated movement.



Part 5: Achieving Fast Movement through a gps joystick

Step 1:

Select the joystick mode by accessing the joystick settings in the bottom-left corner if you wish to simulate your GPS location using a joystick.

Step 2:

Click the "Direction" button to move forward or backward. You can change the direction while moving in real-time. Alternatively, you can use the W, A, S, D keys or the arrow keys on your computer to control the movement of the GPS point.

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