Pokemon Platinum: The Complete Legendary Pokemon Guide

If you're aiming to complete your legendary Pokemon collection in Pokemon Platinum, this guide is tailored just for you. Discover essential information and steps you need to take to capture every single one of them!


Released in 2008, Pokemon Platinum has garnered a significant following, with many considering it the pinnacle of the Pokemon game series. There are several notable factors contributing to its acclaim, including exceptional designs, well-balanced game mechanics, and the introduction of captivating lore and mythical Pokemon.


In essence, Platinum marked a turning point where the Pokemon game experience felt truly immersive, providing a well-rounded world to explore. As players embark on their journey, capturing all the Pokemon becomes a paramount goal, with the legendaries posing as some of the most challenging to obtain. To delve deeper into this subject, let's examine the legendaries featured in Pokemon Platinum and discover the methods for acquiring them.


Pokemon Platinum




Part 1: Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum

Part 2: Catching the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum: A Comprehensive Guide

Part 3: Fascinating Facts about Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum

Part 4: Conclusion



  Part 1: Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum


Pokemon Platinum, an exceptional game for the Nintendo DS console, surpassed expectations as an enhanced version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Nintendo's dedication to addressing previous issues and creating a more comprehensive experience paid off, as the game continues to receive high praise.


Renowned gaming outlet IGN, for instance, awarded it an impressive score of 8.8 out of 10, emphasizing that "for those who have yet to embark on a Pokemon adventure, Platinum is the definitive choice."


To complete your Pokemon collection in Pokemon Platinum, capturing the legendaries is a must. These Pokemon, described as "incredibly rare and often immensely powerful," present a formidable challenge to trainers.


In Pokemon Platinum, there are ten primary legendaries (though there are more than ten in the game), each possessing unique characteristics and strengths. The comprehensive list of these legendaries is provided below.



Encounter this Pokemon at the conclusion of the Distortion World. It will be at level 47 and serves as a legendary in both Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Diamond.



This majestic Fire/Flying-type can be found at the top of the Bell Tower in Johto. It stands at level 70 and is sought after for its beauty and power.



Dive into the depths of the Whirl Islands in Johto to encounter this Psychic/Flying-type legendary. Lugia awaits at level 70, ready to test your skills as a trainer.



A roaming Electric-type beast, Raikou can be encountered throughout Sinnoh after obtaining the National Dex. Be prepared for an intense battle with this level 50 legendary.



Similar to Raikou, Entei will also roam Sinnoh after obtaining the National Dex. This powerful Fire-type Pokemon will put your team to the test at level 50.



Completing the trio of roaming legends, Suicune can be found wandering Sinnoh as well. As a Water-type, it brings a level 50 challenge to trainers who dare to battle.



This mythical Normal-type Pokemon, known as the creator of the Pokemon universe, can be obtained through special events or by using an Azure Flute to encounter it at the Hall of Origin. Arceus stands at an awe-inspiring level 80.



Venture to Newmoon Island to encounter Darkrai, a Dark-type Pokemon shrouded in mystery. It awaits at level 50, ready to test your abilities in battle.



Discover Shaymin, a Grass-type mythical Pokemon, after obtaining the Oak's Letter event item. With its adorable appearance, this level 30 Pokemon brings a refreshing addition to your team.



Journey to the Embedded Tower in Sinnoh to encounter Groudon, a powerful Ground-type legendary. Prepare for a challenging battle as it stands at level 50.


Remember, these are just a few of the legendary Pokemon available in Pokemon Platinum. Stay vigilant and be prepared to test your skills as you embark on your quest to catch them all!


  Part 2: Catching the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum: A Comprehensive Guide


Pokemon Platinum features a diverse range of legendaries, each requiring a different method of capture. These Pokemon can be found in various locations throughout the Sinnoh region.


In the vast Sinnoh region of Pokemon Platinum, capturing legendary Pokemon requires visiting specific locations across the land.


Solaceon Ruins:

Deep within the mysterious Solaceon Ruins, you can encounter the Psychic-type legendary Pokemon, Unown. Explore the ruins thoroughly to find and capture different forms of this enigmatic Pokemon.



Acuity Cavern:

Located near Lake Acuity, Acuity Cavern is where the legendary Ice/Dragon-type Pokemon, Regice, slumbers. Solve intricate puzzles within the cavern to awaken and catch this formidable Pokemon.



Valor Cavern:

Nestled near Lake Valor, Valor Cavern is the dwelling place of the legendary Fire/Flying-type Pokemon, Moltres. Brave the fiery depths of the cavern to face this majestic creature and add it to your team.




Verity Cavern:

Close to Lake Verity, Verity Cavern is where the legendary Water/Flying-type Pokemon, Articuno, can be found. Navigate through icy corridors and challenge Articuno to prove your worth as a trainer.



Sendoff Spring:

Deep within the Sendoff Spring, an isolated location accessible through Route 214, lies the legendary Grass-type Pokemon, Shaymin. Discover the secret entrance and encounter this graceful Pokemon amidst a beautiful floral landscape.



Ruins of Alph:

Explore the Ruins of Alph, an ancient site near Violet City, to uncover the secrets of the Unown. Solve puzzles and decipher the messages of these mysterious Pokemon to catch them and add them to your collection.


These locations harbor legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum. Prepare yourself for exciting challenges and embark on a journey across Sinnoh to capture these extraordinary creatures and strengthen your team.


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Above is the method of catching Pokémon using the optimal joystick for pokemon go iphone location spoofing tool. With this tool, you can also customize virtual routes for specific locations at customized speeds, allowing you to enjoy the game in a more realistic way!


Mode 2: 2-Station Mode

Note: The three buttons in the top right corner of the map represent Teleport, 2-Station Mode, and Multi-Station Mode, respectively. If you want to move between two locations, you can simply click the second button.


Step 1: Click the second button "2-Station Mode" in the top right corner. Similarly, you can select a destination on the map or enter coordinates in the left input field.


Step 2: Set the number of moves and speed. The movement speed is based on actual traffic conditions, such as walking, cycling, or driving.




Step 3: Click "Move" to start the operation. While the Pokémon walks automatically, you can click "Pause" at any time to pause and click "Resume" when ready to continue, whether it's catching Pokémon or challenging gyms.


Mode 3: Multi-Station Mode

Step 1: Click the third button on the top right, "Multi-Station Mode." Click on one or more destinations on the map, and the software will set the movement route based on the order of clicks. Alternatively, you can enter multiple coordinates in the input field on the left.


Step 2: Set the number of moves and speed.


Step 3: Click "Move" to simulate the movement along the set multiple point route.


Finally, you can conveniently use it while waiting for Pokémon Go to walk automatically, allowing you to do other things. However, please be cautious in selecting a normal movement route to avoid attracting attention from the game's official sources.


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  Part 3: Fascinating Facts about Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum


Is it possible to obtain Darkrai in Pokemon Platinum?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain Darkrai through normal gameplay in Pokemon Platinum. Darkrai was distributed as an event-exclusive Pokemon, and the event has long since ended. However, it is possible to transfer Darkrai from other games through the Pal Park feature or trade with other players who have acquired Darkrai from previous events.


What is the recommended starter Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

The recommended starter Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum can vary depending on personal preferences and playstyle. However, Chimchar is often considered a strong choice for beginners due to its advantage against several Gym Leaders in the Sinnoh region. Chimchar evolves into Monferno and later into Infernape, gaining Fire/Fighting typing and powerful movesets that can help you overcome various challenges throughout the game.


What factors contribute to the expensive price of Pokemon Platinum?


Several factors contribute to the higher price of Pokemon Platinum compared to other DS games:


Rarity and Demand:

Pokemon Platinum is highly sought after as it is considered one of the best Pokemon games in the series. The combination of limited supply and high demand in the collector's market drives up its price.


Discontinued Production:

Nintendo is no longer producing new copies of Pokemon Platinum, making it a finite resource. As time passes, the available supply decreases, leading to increased prices.


Quality and Popularity:

Pokemon Platinum received critical acclaim and has a large fan base. Its reputation as an exceptional game contributes to its desirability and higher price.



Some players and collectors value Pokemon Platinum as part of their collection due to its significance in the Pokemon franchise. This collectible nature adds to its appeal and can drive up its price in the market.


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  Part 4: Conclusion

With the appropriate software, locating legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum becomes more accessible. By utilizing GPS Joystick to manipulate your location, capturing Pokemon becomes a quicker and simpler process compared to playing without location spoofing capabilities.


As a dedicated Pokemon enthusiast, incorporating GPS Joystick into your gameplay can greatly enhance your Pokemon Platinum experience. It will undoubtedly aid in your enjoyment of Pokemon Platinum, widely regarded as one of the finest Pokemon games ever created!



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