【2024】Super Techniques for Successfully Capturing and Evolving Dreepy

In the enchanting realm of Pokémon, Dreepy stands as an irresistibly captivating character that has captured the hearts of countless trainers. Its adorable appearance and latent formidable power are hard to resist. However, capturing and triggering Dreepy's evolution is a process that demands careful preparation. This article unveils key methods for successfully capturing Dreepy and realizing its evolution.



In this article:

Part 1: What is Dreepy?

Part 2: How to Capture Dreepy?

Part 3: Evolution Techniques for Dreepy

Part 4: How to Enjoy Pokémon GO in Inclement Weather?


   Part 1: What is Dreepy?


Dreepy is a Pokémon from the eighth generation game "Pokémon Sword/Shield," belonging to the Dragon/Ghost type. Dreepy can evolve into Drakloak, and subsequently evolve further into Dragapult. However, the conditions for its evolution are quite demanding. Once it reaches level 50, Dreepy evolves into Drakloak; when it reaches level 60, it evolves into Dragapult.


This Pokémon was once an ancient species, dwelling in distant oceans, and it appears in a ghostly form in Pokémon GO. Dreepy often roams the places it once inhabited, retaining behavioral habits from that time. Despite its vulnerability in battles—so much so that even a child can defeat it—Dreepy has the potential to grow stronger and evolve with the help of friends willing to train it.


During the night, groups of Dreepy swiftly glide over the vast ocean, playfully engaging with other Pokémon. Moreover, Dreepy frequently fights alongside its evolved relatives, Drakloak and Dragapult. Drakloak takes care of Dreepy until it evolves, while Dragapult launches Dreepy with rapid speed—an approach Dreepy adores. This close-knit bond enhances their cooperation in battles, elevating their collective strength.


   Part 2: How to Capture Dreepy?


1. Understanding Dreepy's Habitat and Habits

Dreepy prefers dwelling near water bodies, especially during nighttime. For trainers looking to encounter it at the right moment, understanding its appearance times, weather conditions, and locations is crucial. Dreepy primarily resides around waterways and the vicinity of Paldea continent. Once you successfully defeat the Open Sky Titan to unlock the swimming abilities of Koraidon or Miraidon, you can actively begin your quest for Dreepy.


However, not all rivers and lakes will harbor Dreepy. They are primarily distributed in the following regions:

- Rivers in the southern areas, stretching from the western part (Zone 6) of the South Province to the eastern part (Zone 5).

- Most eastern regions, with rivers extending from the eastern part of the South Province (Zone 1) to the northern province boundaries of the East Province (Zone 3).

- Along the rivers near the Port of Bordeaux, snaking upwards through the base of the mountain range.


Dreepy's level varies depending on where you capture them. In the southern areas, their levels usually range from 20 to 30, while in the northern regions, their levels can reach as high as 40 or 50. Although considered relatively rare spawns in our searches, a little patience will help you trace their whereabouts. By observing carefully at the right locations and times, you'll have the chance to successfully find and capture Dreepy.


2. Choosing the Right Capture Strategy and Items

Selecting the appropriate Poké Balls and items is crucial when capturing Dreepy. Ultra Balls, Quick Balls, and Dusk Balls are all viable options, depending on the time and location of capture. Don't forget to carry herbs that will soothe Dreepy.

Although Dreepy is completely immune to Fighting and Normal-type moves, it is weaker against Dragon, Ghost, Fairy, Ice, and Dark-type moves. Therefore, when attempting to catch Dreepy, you can utilize this information to choose the right moves and strategies.


3. Engage in Active Trading with Other Players

Since Dreepy is exclusive to the Pokémon Purple version, if you're playing the Scarlet version, you need to actively trade with other players to obtain it.

For those playing the Pokémon Purple version, you can find Dreepy in specific areas marked on the map. These areas include Zones 1, 4, 5, and 6 of the South Province, Zones 2 and 3 of the East Province, as well as Zones 2 and 3 of the West Province.



   Part 3: Evolution Techniques for Dreepy


1. Determining Evolution Conditions

To have Dreepy evolve, it needs to reach a certain level, such as level 50. Additionally, Dreepy's friendship level needs to be sufficiently high.

Increasing Dreepy's friendship level is key to triggering its evolution. Engaging in battles, going on adventures together, and regular interactions effectively elevate its friendship level. 


2. Utilizing Items and Locations

Evolution stones and friendship medals are tools that can facilitate Dreepy's evolution. Ensure you have the necessary items when triggering evolution to ensure a smooth process.


In Conclusion

By delving deep into Dreepy's habitat, behaviors, and evolution conditions, and by carefully selecting appropriate capture strategies and items, you'll amass more opportunities for successfully capturing and evolving Dreepy. Establish a close bond with Dreepy patiently, and embark


   Part 4: How to Enjoy Pokémon GO in Inclement Weather?


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